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An article by Washington Examiner was critical of the 2013 huge number of asbestos cases in Madison County, Ill. having broken the record that year. The new cases were about 100 more than cases reported in 2012. The article disparaged the increase in cases as a result of advertising missing the point completely. A new trend of lung cancer was believed to be clearly increasing in the docket hand in hand with advertising and ostensibly, lawyers filing the many cases were to ‘blame’. Paul Napoli and Mesothelioma litigation was ahead of the pack according to the article that had Napoli, Bern, Ripka & Shkolnik LLP filing the most.

The increase in the reported Paul Napoli and Mesothelioma cancer case filings involves human lives, health, quality of life and immense suffering of victims who only want that their lives to improve. Crying foul about attorney advertising and considering it the cause of increased mesothelioma and lung cancer litigation seems to belittle this critical fact, one that Paul Napoli takes seriously. Indicating that a new trend of lung cancer cases is also finding its way into the court is an insensitive remark that seeks to ignore the huge problem of asbestos exposure; mesothelioma ends up in decreased health and quality of life of the affected as it breaks into full blown lung cancer.

Over 80 years of lung cancer and asbestos exposure association

Before attorneys like Paul Napoli Mesothelioma cases started finding their way in court and helping affected patients to find compensation and live a better life, medical literature had already spoken about the link between exposure to asbestos and lung cancer. From about 1935, medical literature had started showing lung cancer and exposure to asbestos was factual. This was after deaths caused by lung cancer were found to be simultaneous with asbestosis in Britain before American physicians also observed the same also in 1935. They noted that being exposed to asbestos clearly led to lung cancer development. In fact, a 1955 study shockingly reported asbestos dust exposed to men increased mortality levels from lung cancer. The raised risk here was ten times more than that of the normal person out there who was not exposed to asbestos dust.Lack of information

Considering the lack of information on asbestos exposure and its direct link to lung cancer, lots of people were dying pre-1935 and up until that time when attorneys started filing cases and seeking compensation for the innocent sufferers.  Today, considering the huge documented evidence that continues to pile up that lung cancer and asbestos exposure cannot be delinked from one another, there’s a moral obligation to see the victims of the exposure compensated. It helps them meet health challenges and seek medical treatment as much as they can for the rest of their lives and enhance their quality of life somewhat. Otherwise, they’ll suffer all the days of their lives if determined attorneys did not help just to avoid many mesothelioma and lung cancer filings finding their way in court.

The ignored danger of the asbestos fiber

A single asbestos fiber is a thousand times smaller than a typical single hair on your head. Due to its size, it has been found to bring about serious illness once inhaled via the lungs, particularly later in life. It’s worth noting that these fibers enter the body of the victims through the skin, nose, ears and eyes. In all these non-inhaled and inhaled cases, the asbestos fibers always make their way into the lungs. In the process, the person develops a serious condition and fatal, especially with continued unconscious exposure.

Set limits of asbestos fibers

In agreeing with the fatal danger of exposure to asbestos fibers, toxic levels have already been set and shouldn’t be more than that. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicate 100,000 asbestos fibers in the air as the limit. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) considers around 7 million asbestos fibers to be toxic for every liter of fluid.

No one has to suffer when asbestos trust fund is available

 Not many people know there’s an asbestos related trust fund already set that seeks to help fight the conditions related to the fibers and according the victims a fair compensation for their noneconomic losses and distresses. Damage claims that can also improve the quality of life of victims are also available through the filing of damage claims in a court against the company responsible. Paul Napoli Mesothelioma litigation has been a lifeline for many asbestos fiber victims who have ended up with compensation for their distresses and losses.

A determined attorney can help

Compensation is available but an affected person needs a determined attorney who understands what is at stake. This is the reason Paul Napoli Mesothelioma related court cases are reportedly the largest in number even in a place such as Madison County, Ill. At the end of the day, it’s not the number of cases and trying to curtail them but ensuring even those who have no idea their health problems and lung cancer cases are a result of asbestos fiber exposure get their fair share of help to enhance their predicament to some extent. Ignoring them and hoping they die in peace without any determination to help is abetting a problem that sometimes borders on negligence on the part of the company/authorities.

Community and victims also benefit

While decrying increased Paul Napoli and Mesothelioma court filings such as in Madison County, the real benefits are ignored. Apart from ensuring victims of asbestos exposure and lung cancer are compensated as they should to live a better life, the community also benefits. Increase in satellite legal offices to deal with the matter brings tax revenues, jobs, boosts business and increased filing fees that go directly to the court system. Even as hoteliers, vendors, restaurants and other businesses serving the area profit, the most significant is the realization that Paul Napoli and Mesothelioma cases filed in their courts are ensuring families and guiltless victims suffering from lung cancer or mesothelioma get something to smile about considering these nasty eventualities result in their death.